Beginner SEO by Pete McPherson

Beginner SEO

What's included?

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Module 1 - FAQ
What will I learn in this course?
4 mins
Why is SEO awesome?
6 mins
What is SEO?
12 mins
How long does it take to rank?
8 mins
What does Google care about?
6 mins
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Module 2 - Pre-Writing Phase
Why this Pre-writing stuff is vital
4 mins
Everything Site Optimization
17 mins
Everything Site Structure
14 mins
Two Types of Content
5 mins
11/19 UPDATE: Keywords Everywhere
5 mins
Keyword Research for Beginners
23 mins
UPDATE: How to best use a 7-day Ahrefs trial!
26 mins
How to produce content for SEO
19 mins
Module 3 - Post-Writing Phase
How important is promotion?
4 mins
What are backlinks?
9 mins
How to get Backlinks
12 mins
What can I take action on today?
8 mins
SEO tools
10 mins